Custom Work

We can work together to make your idea come to life.

In the first stage, I will research and outline the project with a mood board for you to review. Then, the fun part begins. You’ll receive sketches, and we can brainstorm which version is the perfect one for your project.

In the 2nd stage, digital drawing and colors are added, and we’ll review the final design together.

The 3rd stage is about finalizing the designs and sending the agreed files.


I’m always open to working with brands and influencers who want to build a strong relationship. Collaboration is a great way to increase brand awareness, reach a new target audience, or boost sales for both of us.

If you have a product and are looking for a colorful design to complete the look, don’t hesitate to reach out.


For a specified amount of time, you’re welcome to utilize a pattern or illustration for your product. Just keep in mind there’s a possibility that other companies might also be using the same design.

Select a design (or designs!) for your product, and exclusively claim it for a defined period within a specific product category (e.g., wallpaper). The timeframe will be determined through mutual agreement.

Acquire a design with a fixed fee, and it becomes exclusively yours to utilize as you see fit. This grants you the freedom to apply the design repeatedly across various products if desired.

Work with me

Do you need to refresh your brand to generate more revenue? Are you an art director looking for licensing? Let’s make your idea a reality!