VIHIBOH Brand Identity Pack

Logo, graphic design, patterns

My brand reached a milestone and needed a change to align with its mission.

My goal is to encourage you to express yourself through the world of colors and unique designs.

Logo Design

I love colors and believe that bright colors can make you feel happy. My illustrations and patterns are also influenced by retro textures and elements from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. While the old logo is elegantly boho, unfortunately, it does not match the happy retro vibe.

So, how did I transform the old black logo to this colorful but still simple one below?

Since I have a process for identifying what is important for my clients, I used the same templates and questionnaire to help me find VIHIBOH’s voice. I narrowed it down to bold colors, retro vibes, nature, shapes, and textures. 60s grooves, bright colors, vintage textures, and mix-and-match boho are the signature styles of VIHIBOH. The brand name reflects it well. It is a combination of VIntage, HIppie, BOHemian.

And the struggle began. I think designing for myself and my brand is the hardest thing ever. I started with loose sketches focusing on nature. Lettering combined with sun, waves, valley, moon, stars, and sunset. You name it. But when I put the sketches into Illustrator and stared at the final logo designs, I was still unhappy. None of the designs resonated with me. Some of them didn’t call my attention at all. Others looked like I had a cruise ship or hotel business.

logo sketches for brand identity project
logo graphic design

I returned to my sketchbook and realized I had drawn a nice monogram with a negative lettering style. I can use those shapes to create a bold, colorful logo with imperfect, wonky shapes. It would be playful, colorful, a little retro, and align with the brand perfectly. They can also be fun to create a pattern with.

I chose the Poppins typeface because it has bold and regular options. Looking at my old logo, I realized that the typeface was too thin and easily got lost in the content, making it unrecognizable. I love retro chunky fonts; however, I can’t imagine having my logo with them. Poppins is the happy medium for me. 

Did you catch how the V is stacked on the H, and the B follows them?

Brand Identity

Once I was happy with the logo, I was able to add secondary logos, a color palette, a typeface for web use, and marketing content. My proven process for building a brand identity is paired with a lookbook with 20+ pages, which I send to my clients. Here, I want to show you the 6 most important ones. 


The feedback from my peers and followers is mindblowing. I love the final branding, and it makes me feel confident that my audience received it well.

Now, I have no problem quickly creating marketing content for my social media and other platforms.